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Programme for Active Learning

Programme for Active Learning (PAL) @ NBPS

The Programme for Active Learning, also known as PAL, is one of PERI’s recommendations to address the increased emphasis on holistic education and development of life skills. It provides a smooth transition for children from pre-school child to primary education. 
In PAL lessons, your child will be actively participating in a range of activities in subject areas such as music, dance, art, sports, games, and the outdoors. Opportunities will be given for him to work individually and with others, create and express his thoughts and feelings, make decisions, and reflect on his experiences and learning. The experiences will help your child develop a greater awareness of himself and his environment. He will discover new interests, learn new skills, forge new friendships, develop his confidence and character. 

Objectives of PAL

One of the main features of PAL that sets it apart from our regular PE, Art and Music lessons is the emphasis on inculcating values and developing social and emotional competencies. 
Values remain essential to shape the person’s beliefs, attitudes and actions in whatever type of world the child finds himself in, in the future. 
It is the development of skills to recognise and manage one’s emotions, developing respect and care for others, being able to foster positive relationships, and being able to make responsible decisions.


The thinking, reasoning, creating, and decision-making processes in PAL, contribute to the students’ cognitive development. The hands-on and physical activities develop their psychomotor skills. The incorporation of values and SEL develop them in the social and moral domains. Similarly, their awareness and appreciation of the world around them, whether in the arts or the outdoors, promote that sense of appreciation of the Arts.


4 Domains in PAL

PAL provides a broad exposure of experiences to our pupils in the 4 domains: Sport & Games, Outdoor Education, Performing Arts and Visual Arts. It offers a balance between the academic and non-academic areas in the school, and facilitates holistic and well-rounded development of our students.
At Naval Base Primary, your child will go through these modules at Primary 1 and 2 within their curriculum (2 periods a week).
Due to the nature of PAL lessons, students are to be properly attired (PE attire) on their PAL days.


PAL Snapshots @ NBPS

Our students look forward to PAL lessons every week. Below are some snapshots of what students learn and enjoy about PAL.