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Learning for Life Programme (LLP)



The LLP provides students with real-life experiences to develop character and values, cultivate positive attitudes, self-expression and strengthen their people skills. Naval Base Primary developed its LLP in Holistic Outdoor, PE and Sports (HOPES).

mission and vision 
The LLP aims to expose, excite and enhance students’ experience of the outdoors and sports towards a lifelong involvement in pursuant of a healthy lifestyle

Every Navalite will be a lifelong practitioner of the outdoors and sports manifesting the school values

Our school’s LLP is based on 3 areas namely Outdoor Education, Physical Education and Sports. Each level is engaged in the respective areas through the different activities and programmes that the Physical Education Department has planned progressively and specifically for the students. These activities and programmes are conducted either during curriculum time as part of their PE lessons or as enrichment programmes after school.

We expose our students to nature through the Outdoor Education modules in PE lessons as well as PAL lessons. These outdoor experiences are enhanced when they participate in their cohort camps at MOE Outdoor Adventure Centres. Through the use of the environment in the school and its surrounding vicinity, students are made to feel comfortable exploring and utilising the available spaces. Students are also engaged in sports that they can pursue in their leisure and the use of facilities that are readily available. Sports like golf and tennis are also introduced to enrich our students experience beyond traditional sports and games.

The school places great emphasis on the development of characters and values through the use of the activities and programmes to achieve the outcomes of LLP. Students reflect on their actions and efforts through the different settings and situations and applies them to their everyday lives.