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Arts & Aesthetics

Vision – The Arts for Every Child

At Naval Base Primary, we firmly believe the importance of the Aesthetics as part of the Holistic development of our students. In the planning of our Aesthetics programmes, the school provides a wide range of programmes within the curriculum and co-curricular to ensure that our students have the opportunity to be “Excite-d, Experience and Excel” in the various Arts forms. 

Our Aesthetics Curriculum

General Art Programme (P1-6)

aesthetics 1.png
In our well-equipped Art rooms, students experience and express Art lessons through various engaging ways.

The school work with the National Arts Council (NAC) and various practicing Artist/instructors to provide greater learning experience in Art at different parts of the year.

These are the key projects that students will get to experience through their 6 years at NBPS:
The NBPS Art Project (All Levels) – A community based art project where the entire school will be part of a collective art project yearly – previously known as the Have-A-Heart-for-Art project
Batik Exposure Programme (P3)
Chinese Brush Painting Exposure Programme (P4)
Manga Drawing Programme (P4)
Sand Performance Art Programme (P5)
Project Greenway Programme (P6)

General Music Programme (P1-6)

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In our Music Rooms and Black Box, students experience and get excited about Music through various engaging ways.
The school work with the National Arts Council (NAC) and various practicing musicians/instructors to provide greater learning experience in Music at different parts of the year.

These are the key programmes that students will get to experience through their 6 years at NBPS: 
Introduction to Brass Instruments (P2)
Kompang Exposure Programme (P3)
Ukulele Exposure Programme (P4)
Show Choir Experience Programme (P6)

Programme for Active Learning – PAL (P1 & 2 Only)

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During PAL, students are exposed to varied and fun learning experiences in four domains: Sports and Games, Outdoor Education, Performing Arts and Visual Arts. Students also learn socio-emotional competencies such as respecting others and responsible decision making. 

All our P1 and 2 students will go through these modules:

Primary 1Primary 2
  • Dance and movement
  • Drama
  • Outdoor Education
  • Sports & Games
  • Outdoor Education
  • Visual Arts

Our Aesthetics Co-curriculum

Aesthetics CCAsaesthetics 4.png

At Naval Base Primary school, we offer these Aesthetics CCA for our students to partake in the various Arts experience of their choice.
Art Club 
Concert Band
Dance Club
Drama Club

Arts Beat Carnival

Arts beat carnival (ABC) was held from 9th – 14th July 2018. ABC aimed to increase our students’ exposure to different arts forms such as Visual and Performing Arts. It also created a platform for students to showcase their talents in the aesthetic aspect. The objectives are in line with the school’s continuous effort to provide a holistic development for our students, so as to prepare them to be future-ready. Below is a series of activities that were carried out during the ABC: 



Aesthetics Opportunities for Learning

Learning Journey – An experience at a Drama/Musical 
In collaboration with the English department, All P2 and P3 students will attend a play/musical. Students learn to practice their school values and learn about theatre etiquette. At the end of the learning journey, students return back to class to write about their experiences in their journals.  

In-house Competitions 
aesthetics 6.png
The school organises these 2 key Art competitions every year. They are the “Navalite Compass & Bookmark Competition” and “Project Greenway”. 

Our students get to design our annual Navalite Compass and as a school decide on the design for the following year. Through this, we allow students to have greater ownership in the compass they bring every day. 

aesthetics 7.png
Project Greenway is a competition showcasing our students’ talent in designing and playing their part in saving the environment. Students (P5 & 6) take part by designing, making and cat-walking their fashion pieces.