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We realise the importance of the learner’s experience in the learning of Science. Our Science lessons provide our students the opportunity to have hands-on experiences through conducting science experiments, observing science learning corners and being involved in problem solving activities.

Science in the Lower Primary

The formal Science curriculum starts only in Primary 3, we believe in providing our students a head start. In Primary 1 and 2, Science lessons are tied in with their English lessons where they learn basic concepts such as the diversity of living things and the water cycle. We also conduct Math and Science learning trails within the school for Primary 1 and 2.

Navalites’ Discovery Programme

Our Navalites’ Discovery Programme provides our students an opportunity to exercise their problem-solving skills. How far can you catapult a marshmallow using only more marshmallows and satay sticks? Or how do you build a tower made of only of newspaper and tape? These are some examples of the problems that our students will have to solve using their science knowledge and teamwork.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

Our Science lessons take our students beyond the walls of the classroom. We arrange learning journeys to the Singapore Science Centre for our Primary 3 to 6 students where they have greater hands-on experiences with the vast resources that the Science Centre provides. Our Hydroponics programme for Primary 3 and 4, take our students into our Greenhouse where they have hands-on learning with urban farming methods. Our Dataloggers programme for Primary 3 to 6 allows our students to have opportunities to conduct investigations using technology.