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Mathematics Curriculum Focus

The objective of Mathematics education is to help pupils develop Mathematical Thinking and Problem Solving skills so that they will be able to apply these skills when solving problems.


Problem Solving

  • Involves application of problem solving and reasoning skills to tackle a variety of problems, including real-world problems 
  • Pupils use thinking skills and heuristics to solve problems 
  • Thinking skills: 
      • Classifying
      • Comparing
      • Sequencing
      • Analysing parts and wholes
      • Identifying patterns and relationships
      • Induction
      • Deduction
      • Spatial visualization
Naval Base Primary’s Approach

Through our instructional programmes, we hope to develop our pupils holistically and instill in them a passion for lifelong learning. We also hope to develop them the thinking skills they need to solve real-world problems.

Key Programmes

P1 – P6 Sustained Support for Maths

To help students build strong foundation in primary Maths through a structured teaching sequence and supporting manipulatives and materials:


Lessons are taught in progression of levels of difficulty:
  1. Readiness – Find out what students already know, prepare them for learning
  2. Engagement – Teaching of Maths concepts and facts
  3. Mastery – Help students to move to higher levels of learning

What parents can do to help your child
  • Work closely with his/her Math teacher to ensure that he/she acquires the standard Maths procedural workings. Do not teach procedures that contradict what the child learns in school as this might confuse him/her.
  • Monitor the child's learning at home and ensure that he/she completes assignments on time. Surface any learning difficulties he/she may be facing to the Maths teacher early so that preventive measures can be taken.
  • Practise times tables with the child on a regular basis.
  • Play mathematical games and solve mathematical games/puzzles with the child.
  • Infuse Math concepts in daily situations like using money during shopping trips, grocery buying and meal times at food centres.
  • Encourage the child to check the reasonableness and accuracy of the answers obtained.
  • Reinforce the child to have the good habit of showing proper and detailed working steps in his/ her daily work.

OTHER Useful Maths Websites for Learning and Playing