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If all the world’s a stage, then where’s my spotlight?

Mdm Nur Ferisha Binte Abbas (IC)
Mdm Sharifah Suwfiya Hamid Al-Edrus
Mr Vishnu Kumar Rai
Mrs Laura Fernandez  Mondays, 2.30 – 4.30 p.m.

About Drama Club

NBPS Drama Club brings together budding thespians who share a love for performing. In the four years of being in Drama Club, Drama members are given opportunities to explore acting as an art form, appreciate traditional theatre forms, experience working as a team in productions on-stage and back-stage and even watch theatre performances. Drama Club aims to provide its members with an enriching and well-rounded theatre experience while developing 21st century competencies in each one of them.
In recent years, our Drama Club members have demonstrated their confidence as an individual and passion in the art form by putting up various performances for school events and attended learning journeys to appreciate the works of other performers.

Our Achievements

Stories and Songs from the Bow by Grace Kalaiselvi
Basic Acting Workshop by Mdm Ferisha and Mrs Fernandez
Bollywood da:ns Workshop by Footworks
Story Challenge Workshop by The Theatre Practice
Basic Acting Workshop by Mdm Ferisha
Staged Performances for:
Chinese New Year
Arts Beat Carnival
Teacher’s Day
National Day (Emcees)
Awards Presentation
Samsui Women: One Brick at a Time by The Finger Players
Story Challenge Workshop by The Theatre Practice
Voice Control and Singing Workshop by Mdm Sharifah
Basic Acting Workshop by Mdm Ferisha
Staged Performances for:
Movement and Dance Workshop by Mrs Laura Fernandez
Racial Harmony Day
Arts Beat Carnival
Awards Presentation

External Achievements

National Story Challenge 2017 – Qualified for Semi-Finals (Team)
National Story Challenge 2016 – Participation
National Story Challenge 2015 – Qualified for Finals (Individual and Team)
International Science Drama Competition 2016 – Participation Shell Singapore Youth Science Competition 2015 – Participation