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Art Club

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Let’s get CREATIVE!   


Mdm Rohani  Bte Ahmad Asi (IC)
Ms Tham Sui Ching
Mdm Jessica Tan Yen Lin
Ms Gao Wen (UGT)

Mondays, 2.30 – 4.30pm 

About the Art Club

NBPS Art Club is a place where students who are interested in art can come together and hang out. Students will be able to interact with other students with interests in art, be able to work on different art projects and appreciate each other’s talent.

During Art Club

So far in Art club we have done some observational drawings. We have also used different kinds of medium to create art pieces. Members are also given opportunities to participate in art competitions organized by external agencies. NBPS Art Club provides its members with an enriching and well-rounded art experience.

Our masterpieces