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P5 Camp

Our 3 Day 2 Night P5 HOPES camp 2019 was conducted at Dairy Farm Outdoor Learning Centre (DFOALC) from the 18th to 20th February 2019. This is a key program in our school’s Learning for Life Program (LLP) for all Primary 5 students. 

The Outdoor Learning Centre is located near Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, with Dairy Farm Quarry and Singapore Quarry at its doorstep. Students were able to experience a wide range of outdoor education experiences such as trekking; navigating low and high elements; ‘longkang fishing’ and many other valuable learning experiences. 


“Planning route for their journey.”

“Bukit Batok Quarry, here we are!”

“Awesome, we are at the top of Singapore, Bukit Timah Summit!”

“Super nice railway track trail at Hindhede Walk.”

"Longkang Fishing: Outdoor Educator teaching them how to release the fishes back to the nature.”

“Longkang Fishing: Students releasing their back to the nature.”
Apart from these activities, students lived in dormitories and had meals together in the main dining hall. Students took on various roles and responsibilities to create a condusive living and learning environment for themselves and their peers.

“Students serving one another in the buffet line.”

“Enjoying our meals as a team!”
Led by MOE’s Outdoor Adventure Educators (OAEs) and school teachers, students had the opportunity to experience learning through place-based and journey-based pedagogies. Within their small groups, students had to work with each other demonstrating teamwork and leadership to accomplish challenging tasks such as rock climbing and team-bonding games. They were challenged to recognize their own limits and break through them and then serve as ‘cheerleaders’ for their teammates to do the same. At the end of the camp, teams come together for debrief and reflections to consolidate the learning through the day’s experiences. Students get to express themselves through various means and be heard by members of their group. This is essential, so that they may improve on their team’s dynamics in preparation for the next day’s tasks. 

“Safety Briefing for Abseil.”

“Safety Briefing for High Elements.”

“Onwards we go, conquering every obstacle ahead of us!”

“We can do it!”

Low Element - “Let’s help one another!”

Team bonding game – Pipeline “Always ready to be there for one another to complete our challenge!”

“Minister and our Navalites manoeuvring through the Totem Pole Shuffle team bonding activity!”

“Appreciating one another in their very own unique way!”

The aim of the camp was to provide the opportunity and platform for students to gain self and social awareness as well as to challenge their own self-imposed limitations. They have been put in situations where they require resilience and resourcefulness to succeed in these tasks, experiencing valuable life lessons, which will stay with them throughout their life’s journey.

“Campfire preparation and framing.”

“Campfire – Appreciation Night!”