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P5 Camp


The P5 cohort camp this year is once again at Dairy Farm Outdoor Learning Centre (DFOALC) as it was last year. The campsite is nestled between the Dairy Farm Estate and the Dairy Farm Quarry with the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve in its vicinity. The area is blessed with numerous opportunities for learning about Singapore’s natural history and enjoying nature amidst the concrete jungle. Some of these places like the Wallace Education Centre, Hindhede Nature Park, Singapore Quarry and the Dairy Farm Nature Park have enriched the students’ learning and opened up a different side of Singapore which was probably unknown to most of our students. 

This year’s camp although at the same venue, is markedly different as the camp was run by our own MOE Outdoor Adventure Educators (OAEs) with the use of pedagogies such as place-based and journey-based learning. The camp epitomises the definition of social and emotional learning (SEL) and 21st Century Competencies (21CC) which are the mainstays in the education system. In their small groups, students get to experience similar activities for example challenging their fear and determination at the High Elements such as the rockwall and the upgraded continuous belay system which sees them going through 10 elements and a zipline at the end. In addition to these activities, students also get to learn how to set a trap to catch fish as in the olden days and go on differing journeys. The big difference to this camp was also the mini campfire each group had, as opposed to the normal whole cohort campfire. During the campfire, they complimented and affirmed each other’s actions and bared their soul, of the fears and triumphs they went through during the camp no matter the magnitude. 

The camp ended on the last day with a consolidation of the activities that they have undergone and each group came up with different ways of presenting their thoughts which they would be placing in their classes to remind them of their experiences and bring them back to their struggles and successes during the camp. It is hoped that through this camp they are able to be more aware of their own strengths and weaknesses as well as give them the tenacity to push themselves forward in times of adversity. This camp has indeed set the precedence for the other cohort camps and it is also well positioned as part of the school’s Learning for Life Programme (LLP).

Students on their journeys in and around the campsite


Students taking in nature at Dairy Farm Nature Park


Team building activity in the campsite


Students’ work at the end of the camp


Getting ready to head back to school


Parting group shot at the Challenge Ropes Course
Try to guess what the teachers at the back are pointing to...