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Our 2 Day 1 Night P4 HOPES camp 2019 was conducted in our very own school compound from the 28th to 29th March 2019. This is a key program in our school’s Learning for Life Program (LLP) for all Primary 4 students to be familiar with their immediate environment. This is meant to build and enhance their Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies, 21st Century Competencies (21CC) and reinforce the school values (SIRCL).

Students were able to experience a wide range of outdoor education experiences such as navigation, outdoor cooking, archery tag and many other valuable learning experiences. Most of the activities are held in school except for the navigation activity, where students are required to plan their route to Rock Ridge Park and completing each checkpoint that is filled with challenge.

p4 camp 1.PNG
Basic Navigation Orienteering Activity: ‘Successful gotten to Rockridge Park with our route all planned out by ourselves!”

p4 camp 2.PNG
Archery Tag – “Let’s go!”

p4 camp 3.PNG
Archery Tag – “Let’s strategise! Dodge and collect all the arrows then we attack!”

p4 camp 4.PNG
“Knots and lashes.”

p4 camp 5.PNG
Outdoor Cooking - “Let’s put toothpaste on the base of the mess tin, so that it will not charred while we cook!”

p4 camp 6.PNG
Outdoor Cooking - “It’s feasting time!”

Back in school, they whipped up a feast using mess tins with the ingredients given to them for their lunch! An achievement unlocked for most of them who had never tried doing up a meal solely by their own effort. Apart from these activities, students stayed in tentages that was built by their own hand, hoping to sleep under the stars in the field, due to PERI upgrading, sleeping arrangement was relocated to the hall. Students took on various roles and responsibilities to ensure all their peers are being served and cleaning up to leave the place better off after each meal. 

p4 camp 7.PNG
Meal Duty - “Student serving food to their fellow school mates.”

p4 camp 8.PNG
Dinner -  “It’s meal time at canteen!”

p4 camp 9.PNG
Tent Pitching – “Pull it tighter, please!”

p4 camp 10.PNG
Tent Pitching – “Awesome, we are almost done!”

Led by engaged facilitators and school teachers, students made their best out of the 2 day 1 night camp.  Within their small groups, students had to work with each other demonstrating teamwork and leadership to accomplish challenging tasks assigned to them. At the end of the camp, teams come together for debrief and reflections to consolidate the learning through the day’s experiences. Students get to express themselves through various means and be heard by members of their group. This is essential, so that they may improve on their team’s dynamics in preparation for the next task. 

Through this camp, an authentic platform was provided for students to gain self and social awareness through the valuable experiences, expanding their social circle and strengthening the camaraderie with their fellow schoolmates and look forward to the next level camp in P5.