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Vision, Mission, Values


Every Navalite A Leader


Nurturing Navalites to be Future-Ready Leaders

School Values


Our Culture 

Being the best that we can be 

It is: 

  • being responsible to self, family, school and nation

  • taking the initiative to do the right things

  • being resilient to overcome challenges


Our Foundation 

Having the courage to do the right thing 

It is: 

  • being honest

  • being consistent in word and deed

  • being objective and impartial in making decisions


Our Attitude 

Showing regards for self and others 

It is: 

  • being tolerant

  • accepting individual differences

  • appreciating cultural diversity


Our Spirit 

Showing care and concern 

It is: 

  • being sincere and kind

  • helping on another to develop and succeed

  • empathizing with others


Our Passion 

Enriching lives with knowledge and experience 

It is: 

  • being creative and innovative

  • learning beyond the books

  • being self-motivated to learn

School Crest

depicts the all round education which the school aims to provide for the child.
denotes strength and depicts the school as a strong base for education.

the letters  N and   B

stands for Naval Base
The throbbing young blood in the ‘veins’ of the school in the pursuit of knowledge
Denoting the colour of the sea-the school being the sea of knowledge which will prepare the pupils for the future

School Song

Up the gangway, we will go
Ready to achieve our goal
Working together in harmony
On board our Naval Base Primary
Sail On, Sail On
We’ll ride the wildest storm
Our spirits, brave and strong
Soon the gale will be gone
Wave after wave, we will go
Till we hear the shouts of 
‘Land Ahoy’
Firm on the anchor of Education
We’ll do our best for our Nation

Lyrics by : Mrs Wee Bian Hua
Score by : Mdm Ho Kim Geok

NBPS School Song Piano


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