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Spaces and Facilities

We take pride and joy in providing students a vibrant and conducive learning environment. Our school is currently undergoing the PERI Upgrading Project, starting in 2018 and due for completion in December 2019. These new facilities have been thoughtfully designed to support and further enhance the teaching and learning opportunities in our school.

A positive environment is instrumental in enriching Navalites' learning and physical well-being. The newly upgraded facilities ensure that Navalites are given the opportunities to create, explore and most importantly, embark on the joy of learning.

New and Revamped Spaces:
1. Garden (Outdoor Experiential Learning) (coming soon)
2. Adventure Trail 
3. PAL room
4. Band room
5. New classrooms
6. Sports Hall (coming soon)
7. Multimedia Resource Library (MRL)
8. Basketball Court