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Sports & Health


Every Navalite a healthy individual who leads an active lifestyle.


Broad-Based Development.
Strong Foundation.
Recreation Participation.
Healthy Habits.


Learning How to Move well.
Learning through Movement.
Learning about Movement.
Learning about Healthy Lifestyle.

Semester  Programmes
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Sports Day 2017

The 2017 Sports Day for the P3 to 6 was held in school. The 4 Houses (Daring, Gallant, Valour and Victory) competed in Station Games, Team Bonding Games and Cheers competitions, using skills there have acquired in PE lessons. Congratulation to Gallant House for being the House Champion in 2017! 





Navalite Heartbeat

In line with the Rio Olympics this year, we decided to adopt the theme based on the Olympic values of Respect, Friendship and Excellence.  There was a fun workout followed by Teacher’s Day Concert.

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Lower Primary Sports Day

Our school’s Lower Primary Sports Day is an annual event for Primary 1 and 2 students where students apply the skills they have learnt during PE lessons in inter-class competitions.

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