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Community & Citizenship


The Values-in-Action (VIA) is an integral part of our school curriculum. The objective of VIA is to nurture students to be socially responsible and to help them understand his/her role in enhancing the well-being of the community and the country.

Every student in NBPS has to contribute at least 10 hours each year to complete VIA activities. Students will participate actively and meaningfully in a wide range of activities planned by the school. The activities will provide experiential learning opportunities to develop character competence and commitment.
NBPS VIA Framework
These are the basic programmes for all NBPS students.

Daily Classroom Maintenance
Daily canteen Cleaning
Newspaper Collection 
NBPS Cleans

These are the level programmes in NBPS.

Level Programmes
1 Primary 1 (Self)
Care for myself
  • Grooming Myself
  • Packing My Bag
2 Primary 2 (Family)
Care for my family
  • Doing my part at home
3 Primary 3 (School)
Care for the school
  • Doing my part in school
4 Primary 4 (Community)
Care for my community
  • Interact with senior citizens
5 Primary 5 (Nation)
Care for the nation
  • P1 Buddy System
  • 'NBPS Cares'
6 Primary 6 (Global)
Care for the nation         
  • 'NBPS Cares' (Publicity)


Our Vision

Global Individuals, Loyal Leader of Singapore

NE Mission

To instil in every child the pride of being a Singaporean

SS Mission

3 'A’s – To enable every child to:

  • Appreciate the past
  • Adapt to the present
  • Anticipate the future

Our Programmes (Commemoration of the 4 NE Core Events) Dates
Total Defence Day 15 February 2017
International Friendship Day  Assembly Programme: 10 April 2017
Recess Activity: 11 April 2017
Racial Harmony Day Assembly Programme: 17 July 2017
Recess Activity: 21 July 2017
National Day 8 August 2017

Total Defence Day, 2017

The school commemorated Total Defence Day with the theme, “Together We Keep Singapore Strong”. The theme demonstrated our fortitude and how we can overcome all challenges around the world and region if we stand together as one united nation.

To start off the event, students  were enlightened  with a presentation on the five aspects of Total Defence which represent the key pillars of society and illustrated how Singaporeans can get involved in defending the country. Then, our very own NBPS male teachers and some students from the uniform groups marched in with their uniforms on and led the school in the national anthem as well as the pledge taking ceremony. 


To link to the pillar of Social Defence, we invited Peoples' Association to share with students more about Chingay - where different races and religion celebrate together. It was an engaging session!


Classroom and recess activities were also carried out for students to experience what it might have been like during the war so that they may better appreciate the peace and resources we have today. 



Racial Harmony Day 2017

With the theme, ‘The Singapore Way', the school explored different local games which have originated from different racial groups but played by different races today, during morning assembly. This saw students and teachers demonstrating how the games are played.

The school dance club also put up a dance to depict the diversity of races and religion in Singapore working together to build a vibrant city in a garden.

At recess, students had a chance to explore handicraft from different races.



A few days before National Day Celebrations, the school invited the illustrator and author of the book "Lieutenant Adnan" to the school. They shared more about Singapore's history and demonstrate how the illustrations were done.


In the days leading up to National Day, an open karaoke session during recess was made available where students could sing along to past National Day Theme Songs.



The theme this year is #onenationtogether, a call to unite Singaporeans to stand together and overcome all odds. As a school, we remembered the meaning of our flag, our journey thus far as a country, celebrated our sportsmen past and present and pledged our commitment to maintain a united Singapore.




The school celebrated International Friendship Day with the focus on ASEAN50. To create greater awareness of the different countries and their cultures, students listened to songs from different countries, especially countries that are members of ASEAN. Students also observed different dances from different countries, how different languages are written and listened to the different instruments used. They also got a chance to look at the traditional costumes from each country.



To further extend their learning and build positive relationships with students from a different country, students had a chance to learn even more about ASEAN member countries and write a card to friends of a different country during Social Studies and English lessons. Recess activities also allowed students to get up close with artefacts from different countries and experience several activities on their own.