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We want to empower every student to be effective communicators and confident users of the English Language. We believe that language use is guided by an awareness of purpose, the audience, context and culture in which the communication is to take place.


iREAD@NBPS is an integrated approach that focuses on extensive reading across the EL Curriculum. The objective of iREAD is to cultivate a love for the English Language and improve the overall language proficiency of our students. Reading is important as it provides an authentic learning experience for our students to learn the fundamentals of the language and a means to improve oral and written proficiency.

In order to cultivate a reading culture, the whole school spends 15 minutes of Sustained Silent Reading (SSR) before assembly (SSR) each day.

We cater to the learning needs of our students with our Extensive Reading Programme and KidsREAD where Allied Educators, Teacher Assistants, Learning Support Coordinators, teachers and student leaders provide extra support in reading twice a week in the morning.

Reading Under The Stars

Fancy listening to stories under a starry night? How about some popcorn as you browse through a selection of books? RUTS is an annual event held in the evening to inculcate in our young learners a love for reading. P1 students and their parents turn up in their PJs and are treated to traditional story-telling and drama performances. Parents, too,  learn how to choose age-appropriate storybooks for their children so as to motivate them in reading and create a reading culture at home. The night ends with our young readers borrowing some books brought in by NLB for them to read to their parent. For 2017, RUTS will be held on Friday 12th May 2017.


Library Recess Activities

Aligned to our department philosophy, to empower every student to be effective communicators and confident users of the English Language, the Primary 1 and 2 students take turns to tell a story at our school library. This is a platform for our young ones to build up their confidence interacting with an audience. For the P3 to P6 students, they have a chance at showcasing their talent in story-telling, acting and singing every Thursdays. Our students look forward to these activities.