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This year the P4 HOPES Camp was conducted in and around the school compound to allow the students to be more familiar with their immediate environment. The camp is part of the school’s LLP programme and is meant to build and enhance their Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies, 21st Century Competencies (21CC) and reinforce the school values (SIRCL).
Most of the activities were conducted in various parts of the school except for the navigation activity which saw students making their way to the Lower Seletar Reservoir from the school by using a simplified map. Students took turns to lead their group and by checking the landmarks shown on their map, they ensured that they were on the correct route to their destination. Once there, they were kept busy with other activities like how to play marbles at the sand based fitness corner and also to learn of the history and function of the reservoir. 
Back in school, they cooked up their own lunches or dinner by using mess tins. Although they were apprehensive at first, they managed to whip up a feast using the noodles, eggs, vegetables and other ingredients given to them and it was indeed one of the best meal they ate for the day. On the first day, they had set up their tents and hoped to experience sleeping under the stars at the school field but it was thwarted by the inclement weather and had to be relocated to the hall. They finished the night on the first day by experiencing how it is to work and rely on one another while being blindfolded and move together as a group.

Although the camp lasted only for a day and a night, the students had hopefully gained valuable experience while engaging themselves in the different purposeful activities. It is hoped that students have widen their social circle and strengthen the camaraderie with their fellow schoolmates and look forward to the next level camp in P5.